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Customer Testimonials

My name is Rhonda and I have chronic pain and migraines . I have survived five cancers and still have organ problems. I was being tormented by memories from my past marriage that would not let my mind rest. I had such an anger built up inside of me that I didn’t even know myself anymore. My daughter Denise introduced me to Damon five years ago. We made the journey to his office and got our first treatments and it was wonderful .

The Atmosphere in his room was so peaceful and calming . I was a little skeptical about all this until he assured me that everything would be fine. After our session was over I couldn’t believe how great I felt I was pain-free calm and this man never even laid his hands on me wow! I live several hundred miles away and was unable to get treatment on a regular basis.I found myself in need of this peace again. My daughter contacted me and told me about how Damon can do a spiritual treatment without even being with you , wow imagine that. So of course I agreed and Damon healed me spiritually. I have a calm all over me and I am pain free. My migraines are very very few and for the first time in 50 years I feel great about life. If you’ve never had a Reiki treatment I urge you to please call Damon and schedule one. This beautiful man will contact you and explain what he does . I urge you to care enough about yourself and your well-being to do this. After all if you don’t deserve to live a life of calming peace with no pain then who does !

God bless!

I suffer from severe back and neck pain. Damon is knowledgeable, understanding and truly cares about what is going on in your life. I will be the first to say I did not believe in Reiki. As a non believer this is my 4th trip and would go weekly if cost allowed. I could barely walk in and I could feel the pain shifting around in my body and not as sore when I got up. I went home and slept the entire night, pain free. That is the first in months. So you can say I am a believer in Reiki but more importantly I trust Damon. You can receive treatments anywhere but Damon has a way of making you feel at peace when you are with him and when he checks to see how you are doing the next day seals the deal with

A+ service. Kimberly Isner 

Thank you so much Damonfor working your spiritual healing on lily yesterday. After 4 very long days of fevers coughing sore throat ear aches just plain miserable. She was restless for 4 nights up all night those nights but after your healing she was able to fall asleep fast and sleep peacefully all night long. She woke up fever free her color was back! She was back to being happy lily bugs!no cough no pain! Thank you so much! Blessings

Amber Blubaugh Westminster, Maryland 

My testimonial

I had my first experience with reiki about a week ago. During this time of the year when the seasons change I usually have pain in my joints. Mostly hip and shoulder pain. Several years ago

I was diagnosed with Avascular Neucrosis. A disease that causes the bones in the joints to lose blood and die. I have had both hips replaced and a shoulder replacement. Now mind you, I'm only 42 years old. I decided to try a different method of pain control to manage some of the pain I experience. I have found that prescription drugs make me sleepy and often stop working over a period of time.

Last week I had my first session with Damon and I was very pleased with my experience. I was very nervous at first because I had read some of the other testimonials but I didn't know what it would be like for me.

I disconnected from all the technology I usually have around me and tried to open my mind for this new experience. I turned off all my lights and within a few minutes I could feel a tingling sensation on my forehead and in the back of my head.

I think at first I got nervous with what I felt and my breathing became really heavy. My body started to shake and I got really scared. I remember Damon telling me to try to control my breathing. I started deep breathing and started to relax

Throughout the experience I could feel tingling and warmth in the bottom of my stomach. At some point I just started to cry. It really came out of nowhere. As for the pain I usually have when I try to get to sleep, I didn't have any of it. My body felt relaxed and I was pain-free.

When I woke up the next morning I woke up without feel exhausted like I usually do when I wake up. I walked outside and everything seemed very clear. I can't really explain it but I felt like my vision was crystal clear. I felt peaceful and ready for my day.

Damon checked on my during the day and I have to say that I wasn't expecting to feel this but I felt the same tingling sensation in my shoulder that I had felt the night before. I was shocked. Things that usually irritate me just didn't seem to bother me. I'm usually stressed but on the day after and several days after I have felt a sense of peace and happiness.

Overall, I have been pleased with my experience. If you are looking for a new experience to achieve peace, stress relief, or manage pain, I was suggest making an appointment with Damon.

Thesha Lewis

Reiki By Damon Client

When it comes to healing, I am open to any options available, particularly when I am watching one who I love struggle just to stay alive. One week, my aunt was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, the next, she was fighting for her life, with so many machines and wires hooked up to her, it was hard to find her in the midst of it all. I reached out to Damon and asked that he perform a healing session for my aunt, not sure what effect it would have on her, but praying for and believing that it would be a significant one. Before I could even ask if the session had been done, my aunt said that the pain in her abdomen had resolved itself (she has a large tumor in her stomach), and she was not in as much pain overall. We were told that they were just making her comfortable, and that it would be just a matter of time before we would lose her. Two weeks later, she is off of all the breathing tubes and is now able to sit in a chair for hours at a time, and yesterday, she even walked in her room! Her doctors said if she continues to build strength, she may go home this week! I am a true believer, Damon. What you did for my aunt, there simply are not enough words to express my gratitude to you.

Lorraine Cherri Taylor Baltimore, Maryland  

Last night was my first ever Reiki session. I had it performed remotely, as I live in the UK. Damon called me before the session to give some tips and information. Within a few minutes of my session starting I felt a heavy pressure on my forehead. It wasnt unpleasant but it made me jump. My hands and feet started to feel very warm and comfortable. I felt a pressure and then release of my sinuses. My stomach had a 'butterflies' sensation (which I still have today). I felt so relaxed and comfortable even though I was aware of background noise, it didnt bother me. I would recommend that you have Reiki before bedtime. Unfortunately I wasnt able to go to bed until almost 2 hours after my session. By then, the state of bliss I was in had almost worn off. I have awoken this morning without my usual daily headache, which is amazing!! I shall be scheduling more sessions with Damon. Thank you!! smile emoticon Chantelle McLean East Sussex, UK

Good morning had a distant reiki healing session with Damon had few in the past but nothing like this one he is amazing!!! I did not think I could even relax enough for it to work. I was in pain all day and had a major headache with in 10 minutes in to the session I was in deep sleep floating on air and seeing the light. The pain and headache went away. I slept for an hour and a half in this amazing space of energy thank you so much for letting me be part off your energy every one should try few sessions in their lifetime Irene Vaksberg Los Angeles, CA

Damon and I recognized that I would benefit from his distance reiki sessions. I have recently been struggling with depression, anxiety, physical aches and pains in my legs, and I am also very sensitive to other peoples energy--I am naturally an empath. The aches and pains in my legs are chronic. The depression and anxiety is caused from emotional, mental, and physical trauma. To begin, an hour before my session, I already began to feel a sense of calm wash over me--I started feeling more relaxed. Damon noted that while he began his work, he felt a tugging of energy in my stomach, and my back..which is amazing! Not only do I have a stomach ulcer, but I know that I tend to carry a lot of pain and stress in my stomach when there is suffering going on around me. (My own and others.) As an empath, I absorb a lot of energy, both negative and positive, from people. This experience caused me to see, that sometimes the healer needs healing--as it isn't easy for me to clear and flush these energies out on my own. I'd also like to share that, in preparation for my appointment, I anointed my pulse points with healing oils. I am very sensitive to scent, so I felt that this would help to facilitate the process of energetic healing/clearing that was going to occur. Because of the high anxiety that I suffer from sometimes, I find it quite difficult to clear my mind--but about 10 minutes into my session, with Damon's help, I began to slow my mind, and to truly connect to my light-energy. As a result of my dis-ease, (worry/anxiety/physical pain/depression,) I sort of, for awhile there, disconnected from my spirituality. The following day after our session, not only did the muscle pain subside, but I felt happy, and relaxed! This renewed positive energy flowing through me inspired me to chant, and to meditate; to reconnect to my chakras and to my spirituality. Even though ups and downs will always be a part of my life, this experience has taught me to nurture myself more often. smile emoticon Damon is such a kind an loving spirit to connect to. He is awesome! I can't thank him enough for his kindness. Blessed be! heart emoticon :-3 Rachel Huber Frenchtown, New Jersey

My testimonial:

"I can definitely say that I don't get Reiki done often enough! It's simply amazing how much toxicity and obstructions in the mind/body connection that can be released and rebalanced during a reiki session.

I feel that Energy Healing should be done regularly, like oil changes for vehicles; Every 5000 clicks to keep the engine well maintained & lubricated! With energy healing like Reiki, it can prevent bigger issues possibly occurring down the road.

What can I say about Reiki by Damon?!

My reiki session with Damon was unlike any other Ꮢeiki I've had before! It was my first healing session ever done by distance, however, it didn't make it 'less effective'. In fact, I felt that this was one of the βΣST Reiki experiences I've ever had. I am a certified past life regressionist and I practice visualization often, but it was amazing how vividly I was receiving beautiful imagery and clearly hearing messages from within during the session. It really added a new depth for me that I've never experienced before with visualization!

My body was tingling and fluctuating from warm to cool through out, but especially in certain chakra points... I attribute this to Damon's caring nature and his willingness to connect with an open heart before we entered a session. He exuded a genuine desire to assist with healing any issues I was experiencing. It also takes two to tango and I was wide open to receiving much needed balancing of energy in my chakras.

I am so happy I tried a session with Damon. I feel re-aligned energetically, it worked wonders for mental clarity and has totally renewed my spirit. I'll definitely be seeing you for another sesh soon Damon!"

Tamara Huyskens xo Milton, Ontario

When I met up with Damon for my first Reiki session, I had been experiencing a lot of mental and emotional stressors in my life. Between work, school and personal matters of the heart, things had been pretty challenging for me; not to mention all the years of mental and emotional trauma experienced in my child and early adulthood. At the start of the session I felt as if I were carrying the world on my shoulders. So you can imagine how relieved I was to meet Damon (a loving individual who was genuinely concerned and invested in helping me release the baggage). Before we began, I was a little anxious, but Damon was reassuring, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. This made me feel extremely comfortable and more open to the experience. After Damon purged me of my negative energy (which is an unbelievable experience in itself), I got off the table feeling light, renewed and able to think clearly. I left feeling like a renewed woman, and the results lasted through the evening. I had more energy that evening than I had over the last three months. Prior to my session I was on edge, had low energy and felt down. In the days following my session, the peacefulness stayed with me. I walked away with a strengthened sense of myself.Thank you Damon -- your passion and commitment to your amazing gift shines through in the results you deliver. You are a caring individual who has dedicated your life to learning a craft that enables other individuals to be their best! Than you for everything! Nikki Banks. Baltimore, Maryland

I recently have heard a lot about Reiki and was excited to try it for myself. Knowing Damon and trusting what he says it will do, I went into my first distance Reiki session very optimistic. Hearing many people say they fell asleep during their session, I didn't think that would be the case for me. You see my mind is always racing with a million thoughts and going to sleep is a process which takes a while for me. I asked Damon to work on my lower and upper back as I suffer from a pinched nerve and back pain. I also asked him to help with anxiety and to just overall help calm my mind. As instructed I lay in bed with all electronics shut off and took several deep cleansing breaths for him to connect with me. As I lay there listening to my heart beat I quickly realized I had gone several minutes just zoned out with no thoughts rushing to my head. I felt my chest feel heavy like someone was putting pressure on it, but it wasn't an alarming feeling. I felt at ease and very peaceful. As the pressure on my chest lifted I noticed several areas (back included) where my muscles twitched some. After about 10mins of this things then went blank. I fell into the most deep and refreshing sleep! I am absolutely shocked that I not only fell asleep, but how fast it happened. Considering it was in the middle of the day and any other time I try to nap in the daytime it is unsuccessful. I usually find that after laying there trying to calm my mind for some time, by the time I were to doze off its been over an hour and my 3 year old is already waking from her nap. Well not today, today I fell right asleep and slept over an hour waking feeling very refreshed. I woke up to a message from Damon letting me know how things went during my session. After seeing how well it worked to calm my mind and anxiety, I'm excited to see how my back feels over the next few days. Thank you Damon, I can't wait to do more with you in the future! Eilis Minogue-Rose Westminster, Maryland

The power of reiki

Damon is an Amazing healer and is genuine in spirit. I had a distant healing session with Damon and felt like he was here in person he had me tingling and flowing from head to toe ......literally!

My reiki session with Damon was not only extremely comforting , but also very powerful , I was amazed how he was able to tap into areas of my body that had been causing me physically pain. for some time I felt the energy center of these areas and it provided instant warmth and healing after a peaceful night sleep I feel more balanced and less physical pain I am so grateful for my gentle yet powerful distant healing session and highly recommend scheduling a reiki session with Damon as a Reiki practioner! Donna Love Victoria, Australia

OMgoodness, Thank you so much Damon.

I am so grateful for you.I first want to express the reason that I had contacted you in the first place. I have just come out of a terrible relationship with a true sociopath. I had no idea that there were such people in the world. I don't want to dwell there, but I was left with a sense of worthlessness, and depressed, tired, and a feeling that I had failed myself.

After you contacted me, and I laid down on my bed, and took several cleansing breaths, I cleared my mind, and kept a grateful heart. I felt an instant feeling of peace come over my body. My first sensation was my stomach started to jump around, like thumping. I felt very peaceful, but I was taking notice of my body without concentration. I could feel my toes tingling and my shoulders releasing. I felt like I was in an out of sleep, but I could feel The top of my head ( my crown chakra) tingling, like someone was touching me very lightly. I actually had no idea how much time had passed, but when I got up I noticed that the feelings that I had before had vanished. I was smiling and I called my friend on the phone to let her know. I awoke this morning and, I feel like myself again. My world seems peaceful and I am felling so better. I have never tried Reiki before, and I just want to say,that what ever you did has helped me so much. I have no way to repay you, other than to say Thank You so much from my soul. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a conduit for healing, and I would drive to where you are if I needed it again. Thank You so much my Dear Friend. Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!

With so much love and gratitude,

Mary Kathleen McCormick Roanoke,

Last night Was monumental moment for I within this earthly realm. We often go through the daily days and don't realize the importance of our chakra system. One chakra out of alignment can cause the body to be completely out of harmonic key thus harmony. I was given the gift from Damon to do a Long distance reiki. During this amazing session I could immediately feel a warm tingling sensation from my toes to my crown chakra I felt my crown chakra opening an could actually feel this vortex very strong, I felt twitching in my fingers and I could feel all of my chakras being re aligned! It was the most profound experience and my body truly needed this~~~ once our session was over I was a bit drowsy for it was late. All the sudden I had so much energy flowing through my body I immediately started cleaning and organizing. Once awoke today I'm feeling balanced and grounded! I want to Thank Damon dearly this is something I believe everyone needs~~~~ Namaste on all of our healing and helping journey With Love Tonya Divine -New Port Richey,FL

I had an amazing night full of wonderful peaceful sleep. This is so uncommon for me, as I usually have trouble sleeping. My mind is usually racing, as a mom of four boys, I have a lot of things going on. I had my first distant reiki session with Damon last night, and was very curious as to how it would turn out. I suffer from back and hip pain, as well as joint pain and have since carrying my last child. When we began the session, Damon instructed me to breathe and relax and the first thing I felt as he connected was a tingling sensation in my legs. I almost immediately fell asleep! This never happens, it usually takes me a full hour to prepare for sleep, even during a massage I usually relax but do not fall asleep, so when I woke up an hour or so later, I was amazed. I was feeling light headed but could feel my breathing was relaxed and had a soothing sense of "calm" over my whole body. Damon said he worked on my chest, tummy and my back, pretty much head to toe. He also cleared my allergies and asked if I recently had a cold (I was feeling stuffy over the weekend). I went back to sleep and did not stir for the rest of the night! This morning I feel energetic and my mind is clear. I truly recommend everyone try reiki, I enjoyed last nights session and will definitely do this again. Thank you Damon!

Susan Schemm Sykesville, MD

Here is my testimony........... I had my very first Distance reiki session done ever last night by Damon. I had no clue what to even look or feel for as i laid there. Damon told me all u have to do is breath and be still and that he will do the rest. Now i'm a person that has a lot of things going on physically and well you can say mentally as well lol. My mind is always racing and with 3 children i'm always going as well.{just a lil tip to help me concentrate on the session and nothing else i listened to some reiki healing music on You Tube, there are many to choose from and it helped me immensely }Now I am a 37 yr old woman and unfortunately have had a few major medical issues. Mainly with my heart and amazingly Damon could feel that. Now let me tell you about what i felt during the session itself, as i laid there i could feel my face and neck getting really warm . i wasn't sure if it was just me or was it Damon connecting and it was Damon i'm positive! Because about 5 min later i felt my legs get very stiff like they were tensing up and it moved all the way up to about my waist. It was like that for awhile it was a strange experience but it let me know it was working. Well it seemed to move towards the upper half of my body at the end it wasn't as intense as the lower half but i could feel some sort of tingling feeling in my arms. Eventually everything just kind of loosened up and went back to "normal". I got a text from Damon about a min later saying it was over and that he did feel a few things with me. I warned him that i have a lot of things going on and i put up a wall with everything and i think he felt that as well. He did pick up on some heart issues and i'm not surprised because I have been dealing with that a lot lately. I'm positive that what Damon did is REAL and i recommend everyone trying it at least once in their lives its very eye opening and amazing that this can be done long distance! I'm sure i'm gonna need a lot more sessions to unblock everything i got going on and i cant wait to see what magic Damon will be able to do for me in the future!!!!!! Jaclyn Meador Baltimore, Maryland

Excited, leery and anxious, all feelings I felt before my very first Reiki session. In addition to this being my first Reiki session this was a distance Reiki session so I truly had my doubts and found it hard to understand the anxiety I started to feel before my session. Damon checked in with me minutes before our start time and I let him know I was feeling anxious. He assured me it was normal and guided me to do some deep breathing. And so it began. I immediately felt something in my legs and then tingling in my feet, arms and hands. The most intense energy that I felt was in my torso. It was almost rhythmic. 1-1-2. 1-1-2. 1-1-2. It was on the left side of my torso and mostly between my chest and stomach, a lot of it in my heart area. There were times that it actually felt overwhelming and then I would remember that Damon told me to breathe through it if it became too intense. The breathing would help, a lot. It wasn't painful...not at all, just extremely intense. Eventually, I felt pressure on my head. Real pressure, never spooky like it was being held down but my head felt very heavy and I began to develop a slight headache. At some point during the session, I fell asleep and I woke up about 20 minutes after the session ended. When I woke up I wanted a snack (typical) and had to use the bathroom (not typical since I went right before the session and it hadn't even been an hour). I literally could not or did not want to lift my head off the pillow. I just didn't have the strength to do it. I still had a slight headache but lifting my head felt like lifting a ton of bricks. I just couldn't do it. I usually take Ambien but I did not take it on the evening of my session. I woke up a few times during the night but never for longer than 3-5 minutes and every time I had to use the bathroom but I didn't have the energy to lift my head. At one point I remember telling myself I would be mad in the morning when I wet the bed but even then I couldn't lift my head to get up. I usually set my alarm for the same time every morning and press snooze 4 times before the absolute latest I can get up. My schedule is different today so I changed my alarm for later and guess what? I woke up with no alarm at the time I normally set as my first "snooze" time. At first my head was still heavy so I just laid there for about 5 minutes but now that I am up (which I NEVER do after only 5 minutes, not even on the weekends) I realized just how refreshed and well rested I feel. My headache is still here but just barely.

Damon checked on me. He let me know what areas he worked on and he said I carried the most stress he has felt since doing this work. Not surprising to me, I internalize stressors and I know that my body takes the brunt of me not "getting it out." What was surprising was when he said he worked my heart and tummy for a while and he felt something on the left side of my tummy that he really worked. I felt it. I really did. I knew it wasn't my imagination that I felt so much intensity on my left side.

So far I feel great and I am looking forward to seeing what this does for my sleeping.

Thanks so much for this experience!

Love You!!!! Kim Garrett Baltimore, Maryland

While a believer in energy and its power to heal, I had my doubts as to whether "Distant Reiki" could actually be done. When I found out Damon practiced Distance Reiki, I figured "why not?"

Days before my session, Damon asked if there was any specific ailments (physically or emotionally) I wanted worked on. I informed him that physically, I would like to focus on my stomach area. I had been having alot of stomach cramping/bloating on the gastrointestinal level. I also suffer from occasional upper abdominal spasms on the muscular level (from childbirth 9 years ago), as well as ovarian cysts and fibroids. I then told him that emotionally, I would like my heart chakras to flow without blockages, as I am at a crossroads in my romantic relationship.

My Distance Reiki session with Damon began at 10pm and was told it would last 30 minutes. Boy was I in for an experience!! Prior to the session, I turned off all of electronics in my room (including my cell phone), as instructed by Damon. I then layed on my back and took several deep breaths. Within minutes I felt a warm tingling sensation. My deep breaths became shallow breaths. I then felt a heavy pressure on my chest and lower neck, this pressure was very intense, but calmed with some deep breaths. Then an almost hot "metallic" sensation moved from my head, thru my arms, to my legs and my toes. I then felt a pulsating sensation in my lower abdomen, but was distracted by a brief high pitched ringing in my right ear. The ringing turned into immense pressure in my right ear, followed by a slight pain in my right ear. The pain and pressure suddenly and quickly disappeared. I became very overwhelmed with emotion and tears began to flow. Quick muscle twitches throughtout my body did not go unnoticed. I once again felt pressure in my chest but deep breathing was not required this time. I became super relaxed and seemingly in a state of meditation, breathing extremely slow and shallow...not even realizing my breath at one point. I felt "connected". Warmth overtook my whole body, my eyes closed by this time but very aware. I then felt something move over my eyes (keep in mind my eyes are closed) and all the way down my body. At this point my body feels so still, almost frozen with constant waves of warmth moving thru it. I felt so peaceful. All of the sudden my eyes spring open. I begin to blink slowly. My body in a state of what seems like paralasis, but still very "aware". I started wiggling my fingers and my toes, to wake my body up. I took a very deep breath and then sighed loudly. I immediately snapped out of it...whatever "it" is. I was "back" lol. I turned to my right and turned my phone on. The time read 10:34pm... almost exactly 30 minutes after Damon began at 10. How I "awakened" exactly 30 minutes after the session begun is unknown to me. My body slightly shivering, I immediately messaged Damon and he told me that he had just finished. He asked how I felt. I told him that I felt good but my body was shiverng a bit, kind of like the chills. And then it disappeared. Damon told me he was closing my chakras.

The next morning, I felt great inside but physically "hung over" with a desire to just drink alot water...which I did. Damon checked on me and I told him how I was feeling. He said I was likely still "processing" and just to get a good rest that night. I did just that!...I slept like a baby and felt amazing the next morning!

It's to early to tell whether all of my ailments are healed, but my experience speaks for itself! I am now a true believer in Damon's ability and the practice of Distance Reiki.

Thank you Damon!!

-Chrissie B. Baltimore, Maryland.

I just had the most amazing experience! Last night, I had my very first distance reiki session with my friend, Damon Burns of "Reiki By Damon"! I must admit, even though I meditate and practice yoga and have done a lot of research on the topic, I was still a little nervous about doing something I'd never done before. Damon contacted me right before my session at 10:00 pm and seemed to sense this immediately. He patiently helped me relax with deep breathing, which worked very quickly, and then the session began. Almost immediately, I felt warmth and a tingling sensation move throughout my body which appeared to pause, from time to time, as though Damon was right there concentrating his energies on that particular area. Throughout the session, I felt myself drifting deeper and deeper into a state of total relaxation and calmness. It was awesome! Though I don't exactly know when, I fell asleep for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, Damon had already contacted me shortly after the session ended to just check up on me and give me feedback on our session which was so cool! Today I feel calm, relaxed, invigorated, emotionally lighter, and soooo happy! I definitely recommend Reiki by Damon and encourage anyone interested in holistic healing to try it TODAY! You won't be disappointed! For more info, go Sonja Davis-Lawrence, Edgewood, Maryland

Here's my testimony:

I have experienced energy work before and know that Reiki can do amazing things, but never had a full session, let alone long distance. I was very curious how it was going to be. Damon was so helpful before the session, answered all of my questions and gave me easy instructions as to how to get the most out of the session. As soon as he started, I felt a tingling in my hands, as well as on my forehead. It turned into a warm feeling all across my upper body and felt very relaxing. I could feel my energy / body being worked on. After a while I fell asleep, because the overall feeling was so comforting. The next morning I already had a message from Damon, telling me which parts of my body he worked on and which areas might be of concern. He let me know he worked mostly on my back (which i've been having issues with for years), and indeed, my back felt better this morning. Overall I feel good and very energetic today.

I definitely recommend Reiki by Damon and see myself retaining his services in the near future. Wanja Vonya Lange Berlin, Germany

Reiki by Damon. Pennsylvania goes Sweden!

I've experienced different healing sessions before but this was my first distance Reiki session I've had.

Imahj - Reiki by Damon - was very professional from the beginning to the end.

Gave me clear instructions and guided me. It only took a few breath before I felt this tingling sensation in the palms of my hands. I felt this pressure over my stomach, like someone physically was in the room with me, holding their hand over my stomach and my forehead (third eye). It wasn't an unpleasant feeling at all, I felt very calm, relaxed and safe the whole time. Then I felt the energy work itself throughout my body, my lower back, legs and up to my head.I noticed how my breathing changed itself during the session, that was very fascinating to me, like a a wave, I just followed the rythm.

I felt more and more relaxed and at the end I fell asleep.

After half an hour I woke up and helped my kids with some things before it was time for them to go to bed...shortly after I followed *smiling* and I slept like a child all night long!

I truly recommend Damon to everyone. If you live far away, remember there's no such thing as too far away, the energy finds it's way. You can all recieve it.

I live in Sweden and I could immediately feel when the session started, when Imahj tapped into my energy. It was such a strong, vibrant energy I felt.

My love and gratitude to you and your wonderful energywork Damon Ulrika Hallebrand Stehag, Sweden


I have NEVER EXPERIENCED energy work before and only know about Reiki from my Mother who had been reading up on it, and telling me a little about it. I heard it could do amazing things for your physical, emotional, and mental well being but never had a session, or even heard of anyone who could actually do it, until Reiki by Damon. I was very curious as to how it works, and kind of skeptical about whether it would work for me, and honestly a little scared of what I might experience during the session. Damon was very kind and patient with answering my questions before the session, and advised me to just relax and breathe. I gave him some but very little information regarding my physical ailments, moments before he started my session. I was very surprised I didn’t have to speak to him directly over the phone, and that he could connect to me long distance. I found it much easier to relax in my own home environment. When he began it was 9:30PM, the first thing I felt was a tingling in my feet, then it slowly moved to my hands. I felt warmth in my legs, and my face, as well as my arms. Then I just felt myself going deeper and deeper into a realm of relaxation. I felt that he was connected to me. I don’t know when but... I fell asleep for about 2 ½ hours. I woke up at 12:30 AM and already had a message from Damon, telling me which parts of my body he worked on, (nose, throat, lower back), and that he felt something in my heart and tummy and had worked on those too! He also sent a request for me to let him know I was ok, which displayed his genuine concern for my well being, and I greatly appreciated it. I explained to him that I was ok, but over the course of 2 ½ more hours I was awake and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I also felt kind of sad, and Damon assured me that it was normal, and that I was up and wired due to an energy shift that started with the Eclipse on Friday (as my session was on Sunday), and that the feelings I had was due to the release of toxic emotions and chemical toxins from my body. Overall I felt good on Monday, a little tired… and still a little sad … but cleansed! I have not had any allergy or sinus symptoms since my session on Sunday. I have already booked my second Reiki session with Damon, and I definitely recommend Reiki by Damon as it is interesting, invigorating, and affordable, and Damon is blessed with the character and tenacity to properly conduct Reiki sessions of all types. I encourage anyone interested in holistic healing to try it TODAY! Tamika Thaniel Baltimore, Maryland

My long time friend Damon offered me a long distance Reiki session and I was curious to see how or if it was going to work. It happened last night at 7:30 pm, it took a little while but I could feel sensation in my lower back and an immediate sense of peace. I did not wake up the rest of the night. I would definitely recommend people to try this, I would love to receive a Reiki massage in person as well so I can experience that as well...thanks again Damon! Melanie Lyde Fayetteville, NC

Sooo the most amazing thing happened last night. I had a distance reiki session last night with Damon, and all i can saw is WOW!! If you have never had reiki done, you have no idea what youre missing. He is located in Pennsylvania, and im in Florida, I could IMMEDIATELY feel when he tapped into my energy, i felt tingling electricity in my hands, feet and spine. I began to feel extremely relaxed. I felt surges of energy spiraling from my crown to my toes. I was even experiencing some bad abdominal cramping prior to the session,that was gradually completely removed within the first 15 min. I was soo relaxed that i drifted off, and woke up approx 3 hours later, feeling like a whole new person. It felt like i was floating, i felt soo free and light, and i still feel great! My senses to subtle invisible energy is also keener since the session. Thank you Damon, you are the truth and that session was absolutely amazing!! I will be contacting you again very soon " Samira Amoriah

Last night I did my first ever reiki session. It was long distance & the experience was amazing. I had been struggling with a number of issues but the moment Damon connected with me, it was an odd, unforgettable sensation. I immediately felt a tingling sensation shooting through my legs, feet and arms. I could feel my body resisting but after a few suddle breaths, I felt comfort as if i were being cradled like a new born.

Shortly after, the sensation surrounded my heart and stomach. I instantly fell into a deep sleep. I woke up 4 hours later feeling like i had been asleep for 12. I felt as if I were floating on air. All of the pain I once felt was gone. All of me was so relaxed and at peace. My vision was a lot clearer and the clutter in my head seemed to work itself out.

This was such an amazing experience. It was as if he were right there in the same room soothing all of my worries away. I've never experienced anything like ever. Thank you so much! Shawn Sutton Baltimore, MD

Damon,first of all Thank you so much....i never knew healing from so far away was possible...what i experienced was truly magical...Right after you made me close my eyes and take a few deep breaths...At first i burst into tears,,,on and off for almost 5 mins...After that i felt tingling all over my body...Tingling started from feet and worked it's way up to my shoulder and face...At one point i started smiling cuz i felt all the tension,,,sadness and pain is leaving my body...It was absolutely magical...i almost passed out...After the 30 min session i feel way lighter and still have a smile on my face...

by the way i felt like you were right here with me and not in the States

I am glad i know you...i thank you again from the bottom of my heart for taking time out for me from your busy schedule...

much Love Damon...

Alizey Ibrahim Lupu...

From Bangladesh(Dhaka) India 

I have had a couple of Reiki session with a neighbor friend of mine last year, who has since moved to Tennessee. So, I was a little familiar with it. But what was deferent with Reiki by Damon is that it was in distance .

He was actually in Pennsylvania and I in Maryland, but it was as if he was in the room !!

I reached out to Damon on a Monday, lots of emotions were surging from all different place in my life past and present, it was very difficult to focus at work, I could feel I was completely out of balance within and bursting with sadness and anger. I knew I needed help in guiding me out of the emotional maze and Reiki by Damon was and is the answer.

I messaged him right away and got a response right away, agreed on a time and eve. I immediately loved the convenience : paying via paypal, having an appt so soon, in the convenience and privacy of my home!

On the night of the appointment, he messaged me when he would start and when he is done and gave me some directions of breathing and relaxing. The appointment is generally scheduled before bed time to then doze off. It's intense !

I was still an emotional mess crying off and on my mind thinking of all kind of different things.... Then, I felt warmth in my legs and waves of energy traveling through the muscle of where my legs felt warm. I also felt waved of peace and serenity coming over me but I was dogging them, being still upset and unsettled... then I came down... feeling more warmth and tingling feeling on my shoulders, arms and continuing to feel more at peace. I started to feel more centered and calm. My body felt being filled with a grounding sense of "its okay now, you are okay now" feeling. Exactly what I needed smile emoticon

Its always difficult to explain with words how Reiki makes you feel. But I can testify it is real, once you experience it , it enlights you to a whole new level of what your body can do and how grander beings we all are!

After the session we go over how I felt and what Damon felt and what blew me away too is that he can feel pain that are not active now but are there in my body !

He cleared and realigned my chakras too.

He said it took him a little while to calm me down! He felt a lot of stress being released as well. Needless to say he was exhausted ! lol

Now, I didn't have a peaceful night as others clients have experienced, I cried through the nite, wired like never before, but it was necessary. Damon got all the trash out and I am just carrying it to the curb.. sort of

The next day I could definitely feel that something good happened to me. I felt stronger, at peace and joyful.

It's one thing to be aware of your hurts and pain, but you do need a guide to help you through it and I recommend Reiki by Damon.

He is a very calm, caring person. He is very serious in his art and skills, very knowledgeable and takes his gift very seriously . He checks up on you and truly cares about your well being. Now can you say the same thing about your primary care physician ? Magali Lefèvre Edgewood, Maryland

I had a distance Reiki session with Damon yesterday. It was not my first distance healing so I already knew what it could feel like. It actually feels pretty much the same as if the healer would be with you in the same room. We are all connected through our essence so the physical distance is really just a physical issue. Since Reiki is working in other levels of our existence there is no such thing as a distance or even time.

For the session I just had to relax and receive, so I made myself comfortable as if I’d go to sleep and just relaxed. I could clearly feel when the treatment started. From time to time it actually felt as if someone was touching me physically, but mostly it felt very relaxing and smoothing. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of it since it’s just semi physical… but I guess it felt like a gentle swirls would just go around my body parts. All in all I felt very secure, in safe and had no fears whatsoever during the session.

The most significant feelings during the session were a sting in the middle of my chest (heart chakra) and something that I’d describe a pressure in my head (third eye and / or crown area) and stomach. These feelings were not in any way unpleasant or upsetting but especially the sting in the heart felt very physical. I didn’t wonder as Damon told me after the session that he had cleared some heart and belly blocks. Damon said he’d stop the session after half an hour but I felt the energy around me still in the morning as I woke up. I had a very deep sleep and slept over 9 hours after the session!

So thank you so much, dearest Damon! It was really amazing. I consider myself as very fortunate to know Damon and truly recommend to either visit him for a Reiki session or to try the distance Reiki with him. I live in Finland so the distance does really not matter at all! Remember – Reiki is energy that heals where ever it is needed. The true healing begins from within.

With love and blessings, Anne

I wanted to share my testimony about how great Damon is at a healing technique called Reiki. We have been great friends for a while now, but unfortunately we are states apart. I live in Iowa. We tried out distant reiki and it was awesome. We decided to do it before bed before he tends to put his clients to sleep. Both times I have fallen into the deepest and best sleep I've ever been in. Both times Ive woken up to a clear face and a refreshed mind/body/soul. I reccomend him to anyone that is feeling off balanced and unaligned. I encourage everyone to try this at least once. And if you are in a different state I guarantee you that it works just as good. Vanessa M.

Reiki by Damon~

When I first heard that Damon was doing Reiki I felt compelled to ask him if he had considered doing it remotely. Remote energy work means that the practitioner and the client are in two separate locations. The practitioner connects on an energetic level using his/her empath removing the need for face to face contact. This urge kept coming up each time I saw a post about his work. Finally after the 4th or so time I casually mentioned it. After hearing nothing back after that first mention and feeling that push even stronger I realized I was being guided to help him realize the potential of this work. The next time I mentioned it I told him that I felt I was being guided or pushed to keep on him about the remote aspect of the Reiki energy work. It felt a little strange on my end because before this we were just casual like-hearted FB friends and hadn't had much communication between us. The push was so strong I couldn’t deny it and Damon must have felt it too because he agreed readily to try something he hadn't even considered before. After only a few minutes of that first session it was obvious. We both felt it super strong and clear. After the session when we compared notes we had experienced some of the same sensations and both of us felt the power. That night I slept like a dream without the aches and pains in my back and woke feeling super energized. That whole weekend I walked on a cloud and I could really feel the difference in my energy. I am an empath too and sometimes still have trouble with picking up energies. The session with Damon I felt helped clear this residual energy and made me feel light as air. I highly recommend Reiki by Damon remote session or in person Damon can really move the energy regardless. Last night I had another session with Damon and when we began I had a egg sized lump on my cheek from an abscessed tooth that I am having fixed on Saturday. I fell asleep after the session and woke not even 3 hours later and the swelling was almost completely gone!!! Thanks again Damon you are Divine!!!

Cory Ann Cashman

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